Referee Schedule Starting March 13th

This Thursday we are going to start requiring teams to have a team member referee one match for the night. This match will take place before or after your team’s scheduled match. Your team should only have to referee every other week, but due to the rotating schedule you may be asked to referee two weeks in a row. A note will be added to the schedule if and when your team will need to supply a referee. You can view the note on this weeks schedule; the rest of the season will be filled out soon.

For those of you that have never been a referee its easy.
1) Make sure the match starts on time.
2) Keep an eye on the score, we all know the machines don’t keep the best score.
3) Any¬†discrepancies, you’re the boss.

Here is the referee schedule for March 13th. If you have any questions email or contact us through our Facebook page.

Long Lane
We Suck At Skeeball(Ref 7:30)
TLSkee(Ref 8:00)
Confederaskee of Dunces(Ref 8:30)
Skeeba(Ref 9:00)
Fleur de Skee(Ref 9:30)

Short Lane
No Pantskees(Ref 7:30)
Puskees(Ref 8:00)
Big Skeezy(Ref 8:30)
Traps n Skees(Ref 9:00)
Run DMSkee(Ref 9:30)


Playoffs and Championship Thursday Novemeber 7

Playoffs and Championship Schedule

Week 9 November 7
Time Long Lane Short Lane
7:00 Skee & Bones vs Skeez Nuts Traps n Skees vs Fleur de Skee
7:30 Slip Her a Roofskee vs Skeeba Island of Misfit Toys vs Big Skeezy
8:00 Confederaskee of Dunces vs Rollin on Xtaskee Puskees vs We Suck At Skeeball
8:30 Friction & Heat vs Skeeters of the 7 Seas Skeebaggers vs Circumcised Skeenesses
9:00 match 1 vs match 3 match 1 vs match 3
9:30 match 2 vs match 4 match 2 vs match 4

Important info about Oct 24th match

Hey guys, Jason here.

I have an event tomorrow night and won’t be able to make to skeeball so I’ll need your help getting me the scores. I’ll have the match board and blank score sheets there like always. After your match, take a picture and email it to or send it through the nolaskeeball facebook page. Not everyone is on Facebook so spread the word tomorrow night. If you have any questions let me know.

Thanks, Jason

July 18 Playoffs and Championship

That’s right its all going down in one night. Remember to pace yourself, this is a drinking and skeeball league.

Playoff/championship Schedule:
7pm: Friction & Heat vs. skeeters of the 7 Seas / Traps n skees vs. Pusskees
7:30pm: Brewskees vs. Rollin on xtaskee / Big skeezy vs. Skeezy Riders
8pm: Skee & Bones vs. Skeeba / SkeeBaggers vs. Fleur de Skee
8:30pm: Confed. of Dunces vs. Skeez Nuts / Island of misfit Toys vs. Skeeyonce knowles
9pm: Game 1 Winners vs. Game 3 Winners
9:30pm: Game 2 Winners vs. Game 4 Winners

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