July 18 Playoffs and Championship

That’s right its all going down in one night. Remember to pace yourself, this is a drinking and skeeball league.

Playoff/championship Schedule:
7pm: Friction & Heat vs. skeeters of the 7 Seas / Traps n skees vs. Pusskees
7:30pm: Brewskees vs. Rollin on xtaskee / Big skeezy vs. Skeezy Riders
8pm: Skee & Bones vs. Skeeba / SkeeBaggers vs. Fleur de Skee
8:30pm: Confed. of Dunces vs. Skeez Nuts / Island of misfit Toys vs. Skeeyonce knowles
9pm: Game 1 Winners vs. Game 3 Winners
9:30pm: Game 2 Winners vs. Game 4 Winners