Every Thursday at 7:00. Once we have all the teams, we will have the schedule printed. Each season will be 11 weeks. Our Playoffs and Championship nights happening on week 10 and 11. During our Playoffs and Championship nights the top 8 teams will compete to b that season Champion. Playoff and Championship details to come.

Teams will consist of 4 or 5 players per team with 4 players rolling each week.  Team dues are $50. Team dues must be paid and full team roster submitted before Week 1 of the season. Ever team is responsible for getting quarters for their teams turn. Skee-ball is only 25¢! That totals $3 per team each week of play. Please make sure you bring quarters or get them from the bar; there will be plenty available there.

Each person on the team gets a total of 3 turns. (A “turn” consists of all 9 balls being rolled) The opposing teams will alternate between players. We will physically record all players’ points and only your top score is counted in the standings. If you don’t have 4 players during your teams time to roll another team member can roll blindfolded.  Please try to bring a blindfold for your team to use.

If there is a tie score at the end of your match, your team will pick one player to roll all 9 balls. The top score wins the match, If there is still a tie, then the two player will continue to roll until there is a winner.

If a ball bounces and come back down the ramp, you have the opportunity to re-roll the ball. If the ball hits the floor at any time, whether you drop it, it flies off the ramp, ect; this ball is considered dead and will not count. You now have to roll with one less ball.

Shit talking is perfectly acceptable in the New Orleans Skee-ball and Drinking League. However any physical interference (that includes waving your hands in front of the rollers face, ect. and never touch the person rolling) of any kind will result in you losing a turn. If you have already rolled, all of your scores will be null and void. We are here to have fun, not be assholes.

A perfect score of 450 will be rewarded with a shot that the league will purchase for you!

If your team cannot make it one week, sorry, you forfeit! There are no rescheduling matches! If there is an emergency situation please contact Jason or Leslie and we’ll try to work something out.  We will have a schedule posted for the exact time your team is playing that evening, but we recommend being there early. When the start time of your game arrives the other team can start playing. If you show up while your opposing team is throwing, you can jump in, but lose any turns that have already past. If you don’t make it on time, your team gets 0 points for that week, We are trying to keep everything flowing in a timely fashion, respect your fellow skee-ball teams by being on time.

Contact the league through Leslie or Jason and remember to visit our group on Facebook.