There will be Skee-ball at Hogs For The Cause 2016

The New Orleans Skee-ball and Drinking League is proud to team up with Crazy Jeff’s BBQ Bungalow at this years Hog For The Cause. Hogs For The Cause is a local charity and event Supporting Families, Fighting Pediatric Brain Cancer.

Crazy Jeff's BBQ Bungalow Hogs For The Cause 2015

We’ll be out at City Park April 1st and 2nd throwing balls and serving up some of the best BBQ you have ever had. Look for the Skee-ball machine and yes, there will be tickets and prizes.

Hogs For The Cause 2016 skee-ball prizes

Hogs For The Cause 2016 Skee-ball prizes

If you would like to make a donation you can here, please include Crazy Jeff’s BBQ Bungalow in the “Team Name” field.

Week 10 April 17 Championship Schedule

Week 10 April 17 Championship
Time Long Lane Short Lane
7:30 Skee & Bones
Skeeters of the 7 Seas(Ref 8:10)
No Pantskees(Ref 8:10)
Big Skeezy
8:10 Rollin on Xtaskee
Confederaskee of Dunces(Ref 7:30)
Circumcised Skeenesses(Ref 7:30)
8:50 Championship
9:30 Championship

Referee Schedule
Short Lane
7:30 Circumcised Skeenesses
8:10 No Pantskees

Long Lane
7:30 Confederaskee of Dunces
8:10 Skeeter of the 7 Seas


Week 9 April 10 Playoffs Schedule

Week 9 April 10 Playoffs
Time Long Lane Short Lane
7:30 Skeeters of the 7 Seas vs TLSkee Pusskees vs No Pantskees
8:10 Skee & Bones vs Skeeba Skeebaggers vs Skeeyonce Knowles
8:50 Confederaskee of Dunces vs Fleur de Ske Run DMSkee vs Big Skeezy
9:30 The Dream Skeem vs Rollin on Xtaskee Traps n Skees vs Circumcised Skeenesses

Congratulation to our Season 14 Playoff Teams

Week 8 Rankings posted. High roll of the week goes to Scott (Trap & Skees) 410. Congratulations to our Playoff teams.

The Dream Skeem
Skee & Bones
Conredaskee of Dunces
Skeeters of the 7 Seas
Fleur de Skee
Rollin on Xtaskee

Run DMSkee
Traps n Skees
Circumcised Skeeness’s
Big Skeezy
Skeeyonce Knowles
No Pantskees

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