Congratulations To Our Season 24 Champions

Thank you for an amazing 24th Season! Had to believe its been 9 years of Sekk-ball at the Half Moon.


All Ball Challenge King has been has been crowned

What a night it was. Each roller played on all 6 skeeball lanes, 3 being custom lanes built by The Skeeball King himself, Aaron Re. If the end, there was just one. Troy from The Island of Misfit Toys was named Champion of the first ever All Ball Challenge. 

Thanks to everyone that came out and made the night a huge success. Special thanks to The Skeeball King Aaron Re for making the trip down to New Orleans and hosting the event. Remember to check out Aaron’s movie SBK The Movie now streaming on Amazon.  

The league featured on WGNO New with a Twist

NEW ORLEANS — It’s a league, just for skee-ball.

In New Orleans, there are about 20 teams with 100 people who spend their Thursday nights at the Half Moon Bar in the Lower Garden District competing for the title of champion.

“I think a lot of people think [of] Chucky Cheese, and it’s just a kids game, but it’s really fun and there is a strategy to it. Some people roll blindfolded to really just tune out everything and have that muscle memory,” says Jason Mangone, the commissioner of Skee-ball league of New Orleans.

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Great article talking about the league on Be New Orleans

Originally Posted On January 19, 2018 By Leslie Heindel on

Many years ago, when I was still bartending, I got a phone call from my friend Aloysius asking me if the Halfmoon Bar would want a skee-ball table. Without hesitation, I proclaimed, “YESSSS!” Little did I know, I was going to make a forever friend with the dude that was rehoming this thing. Within a week I was renting a U-Haul, with a guy named Jason Mangone I met about 10 minutes before that, and lifting a skee-ball table into the back of the truck.

How It Formed

In September of 2002, Jason had a trip planned to the Jersey Shore. That trip got cancelled due to a hurricane coming for us in New Orleans. Luckily, he didn’t lose power or internet during it, because he had an amazing idea. If he couldn’t get to Jersey to play skee-ball, he would bring it to New Orleans. A few clicks & $400 later, Jason was the proud owner of a skee-ball machine. For seven years he invited people over to play, but in the back of his mind he hoped it would make its way to a bar. Then he met me & we formed the official New Orleans Skee-Ball & Drinking League. (I am now retired & Jason is running the show completely on his own. I’m still not sure how…)

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Skeeball Tournament February 1st Hosted By The Skeeball King Aaron Re

The New Orleans Skeeball and Drinking League is proud to welcome back Aaron “The King” Re to The Big Easy. The Skeeball King will be hosting a Tournament at The Half Moon Bar Bar and Grill on Thursday February 1st 2018 featuring his own Custom Kingball Lanes.

This will be the inaugural Professional Rolling Association event and is open to the public and any skill level. For more the most up to date information check out our Facebook Event or contact the league.  

Aaron Re

Aaron “The King” Re

Evening Schedule. 

6PM – Registration/ Practice Opens
7PM – 9:30PM Qualifying
8PM – Registration Closes
10PM – Finals Begin

Become a member of the PRA (Professional Rolling Association) 
“Historians Will Look At This Event As The Super Bowl #1 Of Professinal Rolling!”
Because We All Like A Multitude Of Cup Sizes And A Variety Of Balls

Aaron Re is the Writer, Director and star of SBK The Movie, now streaming on Amazon

All Ball Challenge - Tournament hosted by The Skeeball King

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