Week 10 April 17 Championship Schedule

Week 10 April 17 Championship
Time Long Lane Short Lane
7:30 Skee & Bones
Skeeters of the 7 Seas(Ref 8:10)
No Pantskees(Ref 8:10)
Big Skeezy
8:10 Rollin on Xtaskee
Confederaskee of Dunces(Ref 7:30)
Circumcised Skeenesses(Ref 7:30)
8:50 Championship
9:30 Championship

Referee Schedule
Short Lane
7:30 Circumcised Skeenesses
8:10 No Pantskees

Long Lane
7:30 Confederaskee of Dunces
8:10 Skeeter of the 7 Seas


Week 9 April 10 Playoffs Schedule

Week 9 April 10 Playoffs
Time Long Lane Short Lane
7:30 Skeeters of the 7 Seas vs TLSkee Pusskees vs No Pantskees
8:10 Skee & Bones vs Skeeba Skeebaggers vs Skeeyonce Knowles
8:50 Confederaskee of Dunces vs Fleur de Ske Run DMSkee vs Big Skeezy
9:30 The Dream Skeem vs Rollin on Xtaskee Traps n Skees vs Circumcised Skeenesses

Referee Schedule Starting March 13th

This Thursday we are going to start requiring teams to have a team member referee one match for the night. This match will take place before or after your team’s scheduled match. Your team should only have to referee every other week, but due to the rotating schedule you may be asked to referee two weeks in a row. A note will be added to the schedule if and when your team will need to supply a referee. You can view the note on this weeks schedule; the rest of the season will be filled out soon.

For those of you that have never been a referee its easy.
1) Make sure the match starts on time.
2) Keep an eye on the score, we all know the machines don’t keep the best score.
3) Any discrepancies, you’re the boss.

Here is the referee schedule for March 13th. If you have any questions email info@nolaskeeball.com or contact us through our Facebook page.

Long Lane
We Suck At Skeeball(Ref 7:30)
TLSkee(Ref 8:00)
Confederaskee of Dunces(Ref 8:30)
Skeeba(Ref 9:00)
Fleur de Skee(Ref 9:30)

Short Lane
No Pantskees(Ref 7:30)
Puskees(Ref 8:00)
Big Skeezy(Ref 8:30)
Traps n Skees(Ref 9:00)
Run DMSkee(Ref 9:30)


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